Covid-19 Updates

This page is updated on 23 June 2021.

In this challenging times, social responsibility is key to regain normalcy and at iShare Media, we follow the regulations set out by the government.

We have list out some key points that we would like to highlight to our clients


General guidelines

  • All safety and production guidelines to be adhered to and integrated into the workflow of B2C photography businesses with safety as top priority.
  • Businesses are advised to have an indemnity waiver agreement with client due to the nature of service provided.
  • All photography productions have a pax limit of 15, including crew, with only 10 persons allowed to unmask for the photo-taking. These 10 persons cannot be swapped with others in the same production, nor be allowed to come into contact with other groups of subjects from other sessions.
  • 1m safe distancing to be observed for everyone except household group, which should be safe distanced from everyone else.

Family and Portrait Photography

  • Group photo-taking for people from the same household is allowed, but there should be only 1 household allowed per photoshoot session.
  • Photo-taking consisting of multiple households should be deferred until further notice.

Pre-wedding Photography

  • For the purpose of photo-taking, groups of no more than 2 unmasked subjects/cast are allowed momentary contact, but should revert to safe distancing + mask up when the shot is done.

Wedding photography

Photography in residential spaces

  • Photography subjects may remove mask when photographer begins to make his photos and must put the masks back on the moment photographer stops shooting.
  • Households may receive up to 5 visitors on any single day.
  • Photography service provider to have someone from the team assume the role of Safety IC to:
    1. Conduct Safety briefing to everyone in the premises before the shoot.
    2. Temperature logging before and after the session for everyone who visits the premises.
    3. Ensure all safety protocols are adhered to at all times,
    4. Perform disinfection work according to guidelines.
    5. 2 copies of signed health declarations and temperature records to be made, to be kept for reference by both parties.

Health, Travel & Safety Declarations

  • Employers should obtain a health and travel declaration from their personnel, declaring health status, contact and local and international travel history for the last 14 days.
  • All persons must declare if they have any upcoming travel plans
  • All persons must declare if they are currently serving a Quarantine Order (QO), Leave Of Absence (LOA) or Stay-Home Notice (SHN)
  • All persons must declare (as far as they are aware), if they have had contact with a COVID-19 confirmed case or suspect case, or a person issued a Quarantine Order (QO)/Leave Of Absence (LOA)/Stay-Home Notice (SHN)
  • All persons must declare if they are feeling unwell or having any respiratory symptoms (such as fever, cough, sore throat or runny nose)
  • All personnel to sign an undertaking to acknowledge and commit to all H&S Guidelines
  • For any personnel or talent coming from outside Singapore, they will comply with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) on isolation regulations

Health Declaration Form for iShare Media LLP

List of References & Essential Information

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*Please note that your business CorpPass is needed for most applications.

Apply for Safe Entry for your business premises:

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General Gov advisories:

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